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Financial Management

Our Financial Management services encompasses all aspects of your family's finances. Ongoing advice and oversight on your investment portfolio is at the core of our service model and will align with all the different pieces of your plan.

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The three circle model for Family Enterprise was developed by Professor Renato Taguiri and John Davis back in 1978.  This model is used to help explain family business system and the dynamics and issues that can arise as a result of the paradoxes and interests of each group.​

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Our Financial Management service helps clarify what your family wants and needs from the business. By knowing this, you can make better financial and lifestyle decisions that involve all family members.

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  • Provide a platform for you and your family to set joint goals around retirement, spending, and legacy. 

  • Provide ongoing portfolio development and oversight which is in line with those goals.

  • Help you find out what is most important about your money and lifestyle and help you align your financial plan around those values.

  • Help you clarify what your life looks like past the business so that you are prepared personally for that transition.

  • Develop and maintain an investment, estate and cash flow strategy that is in line with your goals and values.

  • Keep you accountable by providing a pre-determined meeting schedule throughout the year to focus on key topics.

  • Work with your other advisors to ensure your tax and estate plan is sound.

  • Keep track of all your important documents such as your wills, powers of attorney, shareholders agreement etc. You are no longer wondering where these are and what they say!

Did You Know?

We can meet with your children to teach them smart money skills! Ages 9 to 19!

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